Patricia Miripol, Ph.D.

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Address: Lindell Square, 1601 Milltown Road, Suite 22, Wilmington, DE 19808

Phone: (302) 633-6416

Fax: (302) 998-7660

About Me:
My approach to therapy is individualized and conversational, aimed at developing a respectful atmosphere in which troubling feelings, thoughts, and actions can be shared, reconsidered, and understood from a new perspective, hopefully with a sense of expanded choice, options, and decisions.  Whether and how to change oneself can be explored from a pragmatic, step-by -step framework to a more abstract and less structured approach focusing on feelings and meaning. Emotions and action both come into play in any attempt to improve the quality of one’s life, and the personal connection established between my client and myself can encourage effort and  hopefulness in this process.

I work with adults who want to change patterns of thinking, acting, and feeling contributing to depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction in daily life.  Typical problems discussed are: grief, loss, relational concerns, health issues, caretaking, and life goals.

Qualifications: 30 years in practice

School: Illinois Institute of Technology

Year Graduated: 1982

Member: American Psychological Association